How to make on YouTube: screensaver, cover, icon and image

  1. How to make a YouTube video with inserts This is the first question asked by a person who wants...
  2. How to make a cover for a video on YouTube

How to make a YouTube video with inserts

How to make a YouTube video with inserts

This is the first question asked by a person who wants to post their video on the world famous site. You must shoot the video so that you want to watch and revise it, as well as advise friends. Feel like a real director. You should not upload not very high-quality material to the public site. If you are shooting an emergency event and you only have a mobile phone at your fingertips, then the quality is not very good forgivable, but if you are shooting yourself and your own unit, then the quality issue should be taken seriously. Everything about promoting videos on YouTube You can read this by clicking on the link.

Layout videos on Youtube are increasingly falling in HD quality. Therefore, the viewer is accustomed to high quality, and is unlikely to view a video with a low rate. All services on cheat on YouTube you can find on the next page .

How to make a screensaver for videos on YouTube

Everything is quite simple, but the main thing is to do everything correctly, because the correctly located icon will attract an additional number of views to your video (how to get views for free, read here ). Before you make a screensaver to your video, you must carefully select the picture. On the site Youtube to the screen saver has its own requirements. Initially, what should be observed is the size, which should not exceed 2MB.

The picture should not violate the general rules, i.e. there should not be scenes of a sexual and erotic nature. But, unfortunately, this rule is increasingly violated. The picture should attract, so that the person saw it and wanted to open your video for viewing. On our resource you can at an inexpensive price. buy real views On video in YouTube.

The picture should look good, both in small and in large format. That video looked advantageous, wherever it was located. A bright and unusual picture with faster attracts views.

How to make a cover for a video on YouTube

Beautiful eye-catching video cover is created quickly and in just a few minutes. To do this, you need Photoshop of any version, a sketch of the intended cover and a thematic drawing that conveys the essence of your video.

Creating a cover, albeit a simple but extremely crucial moment. No need to be upset if the first time you do not succeed, try, experiment and soon you will achieve the desired result.

Youtube is a modern popular site with lots of videos. Users from around the world add a video here, putting it on public display, and want to get feedback on their "brainchild". On Youtube you can post a ready-made video, or you can slightly modify it and add it. Most often on Youtube are clips taken on a mobile phone camera. This is with regard to non-standard situations when the video is shot spontaneously. You can increase the number of likes to videos on YouTube. section .